50 x 70 cm= 450€

60 x 60 cm = 450€

60 x 80 cm = 550€

60 x 120 cm = 750€

80 x 100 cm = 800€

100 x 100 cm  =1000€

120 x 120 cm = 1400€

100 x 150 cm  = 1450€

100 x 200cm = 1950€

120 x 240 cm = 2600€


Sample sizes Ø

60cm = 450€

70cm = 550€

80cm = 650€

90cm =750€

100cm = 900€

120cm = 1200€


What does the Price consist of?

The price consists of the size of the work, the cost of materials and the time estimate. The work can be ordered either on acoustic board or on canvas.

Delivery time of the work?

Currently, the estimated completion time for commissioned works is approx. 5-7 weeks after the order is accepted. My works have a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the commissioned work, we will come up with a solution that pleases you.

A work with your own dimensions?

It is also possible to order works with your own measurements. From small works to really large works. The largest possible size of an individual acoustic work is 120cm x 240cm. Of course, these can also be hung side by side, resulting in a very impressive and large work. The largest sizes of canvas work are approx. 200cm x 300cm.

The good side of the acoustic board is its excellent design possibilities, i.e. you can get the board in almost any shape. Whether it's rectangular, round, oval or even hexagon-shaped.

What style of work?

You can fully influence which style of work you are looking for in terms of color scheme, shape, structure or presentation. You can also give me completely free hands to design a piece for your space, where you need a beautiful eye-catcher. It would be a good idea to always send me a picture of the planned place of the work and the space surrounding it right from the planning stage. However, this is not necessary.

I will send you pictures of the production stages of the work using the contact method you prefer. You can still influence the colors and style used in the work at this stage, if the work is not quite what you want.

Circle shape work?

In round works, the largest size at the moment is 120 cm in diameter. The round 120cm piece is very impressive and will certainly catch the eye of the room. On the gallery page, for example, the acoustic work called "Gaia" is 120 cm in diameter. Circle shape work is suitable for e.g. excellent for example at the end of the table in the dining room, as an eye-catcher in the living room or bedroom. Excellent for a company in a waiting or negotiation space.


You can illustrate the size of the work well by, for example, taping the extreme borders to the wall with painter's tape and planning what size work would fit in the space. For example, the piece above the sofa or bed should be at least 2/3 of the width of the furniture. So, for example, a work hung over a 3m-wide sofa should be at least 2m wide, or a work at least 120cm wide above a 180cm-wide bed, so that it appears in the best possible way

What materials do I use in custom works?

In acoustic works, I mainly use soles made from surface peat by Konto Oy, a company from Satakunta. An acoustic board have an excellent echo damping ability. You can find more information in here.

In the basic size canvas works, which are available as ready-made bases, I use high-quality ready-made bases made in Europe. For bases that cannot be found in a ready-made size, I use domestic very high-quality and high-quality wedge frames from the Finnish carpentry store, and I tension the fabrics on the frame itself. The fabric in these is usually primed 100% cotton. You can also request bases made by a carpentry shop for any work, which are of very high quality. This also slightly affects the delivery time and price of the work, but not significantly.

Toimitus sisältyy hintaan Suomessa

Prices include delivery in Finland. So the customer does not have to pay separate delivery charges, which can sometimes be surprisingly high, but the delivery costs are included in the price of the work.

How to pay for the work?

The work is only paid for when you are completely satisfied with the appearance of the work. Payment methods for orders are invoice or cash. After you have paid for the work, I will place an order with the transport company to transport the work.

My online store offers a wide range of payment methods for my finished works through Visma Pay. There is e.g. available Fellow bill, you get 30 days interest-free and cost-free payment period for the purchase made. If you wish, you can use Fellow Overdraft and pay for purchases flexibly in installments, starting at €9.90/month. If you do not use the credit feature, the account credit is free.

Finished works in the online store

Ready-made works of my painting can be found in the online store, the price is a little cheaper in these compared to the commissioned work, in addition, the work will be delivered 2-5 business days after the order, so it will arrive very quickly to beautify your home. Finished works in the online store have a 14-day right of return under the Consumer Protection Act. The buyer is responsible for the return costs (packaging/shipping). Always ask for return instructions separately


You are also always welcome to see my finished works at my home. In the area of the neighboring municipalities of Satakunta and Pori, I can also come to your home to plan and discuss the possible acquisition of a work. To make an appointment, contact us by email or via the "contact us" button below.

I will be happy to answer if you have any questions regarding commissioned works or finished works!

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