Silja Alitalo – Artist

Olen Silja(s.1987), Porista kotoisin oleva itseoppinut  nykytaiteilija.

My love for painting was born as a child. I used a lot of paper and pencils, but my passion for art never wore with them, but grew with me in various forms throughout my life.

As a junior high school student, I was in a fine arts-focused class and in high school, I did a fine arts diploma. After high school, I applied to Tyrvää College of Crafts and Design, where I graduated as an artisan in the jewelery industry. Small, beautiful and glittering things have always fascinated me.

Making by hand has always been present in my life, but painting is most close to my heart. When painting, I can immerse myself for hours deep in my own thoughts, letting the brush and palette knife flow. I love the feeling of being allowed to create something new and beautiful.

I draw inspiration from different emotional states, nature and the little joys of life that are the biggest of them. The leaves of the trees, the rippling water, the calm meadow, the eternal surfaces of the rocks, the strong will of the sea waves, the different shapes and colors of the clouds drawing into the sky, which are constantly changing.

Each painting is unique and born of the harmony of my mind and heart. Each painting is also very dear to me, as each has its own story, feelings, memories and thoughts. I could say that every painting is a piece of my life. 

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